Field education is an essential part of social work education, providing students with opportunities to apply and integrate theoretical knowledge within supervised practice settings. Through field education students develop skill competencies, engage in critical self-reflection, and evolve their professional values, interests and identity. Mentored and instructed by seasoned professionals in their area of expertise, students gain invaluable knowledge and experience and develop their professional networks. The success of the field education practicum is a cooperative effort dependent upon the investment of the student, community organization, and the VIU Bachelor of Social Work faculty and staff.


Evaluation of the student's learning will occur at the mid-point (at or around the 175-hour mark) and at the end (at or around the 350-hour mark) of the placement. Evaluations will be completed directly on the Learning Contract document.

For both student and Field Education Instructor's convenience please download and complete the Student Field Education Evaluation Form that corresponds with the year of the student's placement. Please email the completed form at least three days prior to the final (summative) evaluation meeting with the Faculty Field Liaison, agency Field Education Instructor and Student.

In addition, as part of our ongoing evaluation of the BSW Field Education placement process, we greatly value feedback from Field Education instructors.  The Field Education Instructor Feedback Form provided below is for your use as a Field Education Instructor (agency mentor) to communicate your feedback to us flowing from this program's interest in continuous quality improvement. Email the completed form to your VIU Faculty Liaison at the end of the student placement.

Inquires relating to these evaluation tools may be directed to:

Holly Bradley, Field Education Coordinator 
(250) 740-6271

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