Practicum - LDS 230

LDS 230 Practicum - the official calendar description:

An engaged learning opportunity in community that is a continuation of LDS 220. In collaboration with a host community-based citizen group or agency, students implement, evaluate and provide recommendations for an action research plan that was developed in LDS 220. Weekly seminars are integral to this course.


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Participate with a community organization, agency or community group in developing and conducting an action research project
  • Demonstrate an understanding about how to locate and mobilize various appropriate resources in an attempt to meet a community need, topic, issue, or problem.
  • Prepare a summary report that outlines the goals, objectives, method, data collection and analysis of their action research project.
  • Implement the project consistent with ethical considerations for action research and as applicable research involving human subjects.
  • Reflect on and analyze the impact and influence of personal values, beliefs and bias when engaging in action research.

Here are two completed Action Research projects to provide you with a flavour of what's possible for your own research project:

Anne Nikitovic

 Inclusion Sports and RecreationAnne-Nikitovic-picture

Rebecca Nygard

Peer Perspectives - Inclusion in Schools